Sounding The Cloud



Technology provides each aspiring artist with recording studios that are inexpensive and more than adequate for the aspiring artist.  We each of us now have at our fingertips the potential to record our own sounds, in our own rooms or even on the move! In the past I had been recording my own stuff (sometimes collaborating with others, mostly solo projects) responding to a primal ‘need’ to make my writings audible. At first I recorded purely for the enjoyment I took from vocalizing and adding music to my tracks. For the most part I would record little snippets of guitar or keyboards, then add to these in Audacity. I liked fading sequences in and out of each other.  Regardless I had no idea what to do with the mounting files of audio recordings that were crowding my external hard drives.


Now there is Soundcloud! A platform has been created whereby you can seek an audience for your uploaded tracks and you can peruse other artists’ talent to your hearts content. Now, sure there are many ‘friendcatchers’ out there: they follow you but when you check them out they already have 2000 followers and you can be pretty sure they haven’t listened to your tracks (funny that most of their tracks tend to be, from what I have heard, generic hardcore samples that can be knocked up in programs like mixtikl in the space of five minutes). But there are many out there who are having fun with the audio medium, who are experimenting (the Air to Hear group is a good place to listen in –   it’s one of many out there).  There is a thriving community of artists of all genres (and beyond) out there.  Unlike Facebook I feel that Soundcloud has more to offer. There is potential here, more so than the likes of My Space, which does not possess the same intimacy. I’ve only been using SoundCloud for a month now and I feel I’ve already made many good contacts and discovered a host of interesting work. Long may it continue!




Dave Migman


One thought on “Sounding The Cloud

  1. Thank you, Dave. SoundCloud is a rich environment, both rewarding and exhausting. I’ve noticed that many of the people I follow start with a huge burst of enthusiasm and postings (finally, we’ve found a home!) followed by a lull, maybe even a touch of disappointment; then, if they stay with it, renewed interest and a more meaningful experience. Unless you’re doing something very mainstream it takes awhile to find your true audience.…It’s so true about the artificial followers using the “follow” button as a form of advertising.

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